Welcome to Stillwater!

The Birthplace of Minnesota

A little bit about Stillwater

Located along the beautiful St. Croix River, Stillwater is home to history, gorgeous scenery, excellent schools, charming downtown, infamous Liftbridge, and wonderful community. Stillwater is known as “The birthplace of Minnesota” due to its historic relevance in establishing Minnesota as a territory in 1848 on Main St. and Myrtle.

Stillwater quickly became a thriving lumber town, hauling logs down the St. Croix to the many sawmills of the town. Even after the lumber industry ended, the town  was still able to thrive and prosper. Today, Stillwater is known for its Victorian era homes, stunning architecture, incredible restaurants, vibrant boutiques, beautiful parks, bed and breakfasts, endless views, community spirit, and numerous year round events and activities. Tourist come from all over, amazed at what they see, and never want to leave. There is no town like Stillwater.


Our Favorite Restaurants

Stillwater has some incredible places to indulge in delicious food. Click below to see our favorite places to have a casual bite to eat, grab a cup of coffee, go on a romantic date or satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Shopping in Stillwater

With the incredible variety of shops in Stillwater, you can make an entire day of it (& then hit one of our favorite restaurants listed above!)

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Things to Do in Stillwater

This is where you'll find activities for everyone including water activities, golfing, hiking, fine arts and more! 

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Stillwater Schools

Minnesota's school districts are some of the best in both the state and country. We feel very fortunate to have the school systems that we do and to have parents that are involved at every level. In fact, families have moved specifically to our area just for the schools!

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Stillwater Parks

Stillwater is home to some of the most beautiful parks.

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Around the Neighborhood

Curious About Other Neighborhoods?

Each one is special in it's own way.

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